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Program Overview

Clinical Department

Focusing on the therapeutic needs of children and their families, the clinical program consists of individual, group and family therapies. Measurable outcomes are monitored through a variety of modalities.

A picture of the CCAV Clinical Team
Picture of an RSS event

Relative Support Services (RSS)

Sponsored by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), this program provides extensive resources and support for other grandparents & other relative caregivers that are raising children due to biological parents losing custody or bring incapable of taking care of their own children.

Domestic Violence Support Services (DVSS)

Sponsored by Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS). This program provides extensive resources with specially trained case workers who provide a network of support to help those experiencing Domestic Violence to overcome barriers and become self-sufficient. To be eligible for services, participants must be receiving or be eligible for CalWORKs and GAIN, GR or GROW programs.

Picture of 3 CCAV staff wearing purple for Domestic Violence Awareness month.
Honoree of the quarter Participant picture.

Developing Opportunity and Offering Reentry Solutions (D.O.O.R.S)

D.O.O.R.S is an inclusive creative community of innovative resources for those impacted by the justice system-where individuals, their families and the broader community-find healing, support, wellness and hope towards opportunity. Services include housing, employment support and placement, education, substance abuse assessment/treatment linkage, mental wellness linkage, community events and many more!

The Justice Care and Opportunities Department (JCOD)

The Justice Care and Opportunities department is the County's new central agency unifying LA County's efforts to serve vulnerable justice-impacted people and communities and drive forward the Board of Supervisors' vision of Care First, Jails Last.

image of JCOD representatives
Photo of United Mental Health Promoters at the paint n sip outreach

United Mental Health Promoters (UMHP)

The United Mental Health program is a program servicing Transitional Age Youth (TAY) ages 18-25 who have been impacted by COVID-19. We are an outreach and engagement program specializing in early intervention services such as housing, employment, core linkages, groceries and gasoline, and mental health-related workshops.


CCAV's Drop-In Center, "The Post," serves youth aged 11-25 every Tuesday - Friday (9AM-6PM), and Saturday (8:30AM-5PM). Our dedicated Peer Support Specialist assesses needs, facilities linkages, and introduces peer mentorship. In collaboration with Go Above Inc., Fostering Dream Project, and Olive Support Services, we offer diverse programs such as tutoring, music classes, and dance instruction, along with additional support. CCAV aims to bring more youth to the center, connecting them with services beyond traditional after-school programs and working to eliminate barriers to their goal achievement. 

Photo of the Amity case managers
Photo of TAY Drop In center therapist

Transitional Age Youth (TAY) Drop-In Center

The Drop-In Center serves as a crucial support hub for TAY aged 16-25, especially those facing homelessness or unstable housing. These youth confront challenges like restricted access to housing, employment, and mental health services. Within the safe space of "The Post" Drop-In Center, youth have access to peer support specialist, employment specialist, weekly table talks, events, and more, equipping them with essential resources and support to overcome these obstacles. 

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